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San Base Studio Inc. Dynamic Painting Display System
Dynamic paintings are ideal for decorative applications in the home, office or public space and add elegance and sophistication to the environment.

A typical Dynamic Painting installation includes proprietary hardware connected to a large high definition LCD or Plasma monitor. The system and display can be tailored to a particular specification or design.

There are three distinctions of a dynamic picture from a conventional one:

  • It glows (it illuminates the light by itselves, no external illumination required).
  • The image changes with time, i.e. it is not permanent.
  • None of the images repeat previous ones and will never repeat again.

    Since the images never repeat the viewer is constantly exposed to something new; a show without a beginning or end that delivers dignified tranquility.

    The benefits of this genre are obvious - an endless supply of unprecedented and unpredictable paintings in the place of one static image.

  • As an added design element to modern interior design.

    Ideal in public spaces where large groups of people spend time.

    Perfectly suitable in waiting rooms, lobbies, hotel rooms, or airport lounges.

    The Dynamic Painting Display System is an embedded system that produces dynamic paintings. Dynamic Painting denotes the start of a new era in visual arts. The latest advances in technology support the transformation of a classical painting into a modern dynamic painting. A dynamic painting is the evolution of a static image. A dynamic painting is a picture that is always in the state of flux. Just like many years ago static photographs became moving picture, a dynamic painting is a natural progression of classical art.

    Dynamic painting installation

    Dynamic painting installation (LCD panel)

    Virtual window

    Virtual windows (LCD panels)

    Luminous painting

    Luminous painting (LED panel)

    Virtual skylights (LCD panels)

    Virtual skylights (LCD panels)

    Virtual door into another world

    Virtual door into another world in a basement (LED panels)"

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